Advantages of This Mediation Service

(1)               Unlike most attorneys, who have dockets ranging from 25-75 cases, Iíve managed as many as 350 files at one time, thus giving me over the experience over the years of handling literally in the vicinity of 3000 files.

(2)               As an attorney who has served as a claim representative both for insurance companies and health care providers for 11 years, I have a much greater understanding as to the issues facing Plaintiff and Defense attorneys, insurance company/self-insured claim representatives, health care providers and the parties themselves, especially as it relates to nursing home, medical malpractice and general liability claims and litigation.

(3)               I have evaluated cases from a variety of perspectives over the years, and thus have the ability to overcome the most serious obstacle to resolving multi-defendant litigation, apportioning exposure among the defendants and/or carriers.

(4)               I have managed self-insured retentions ranging from $100,000-$3,000,000 per occurrence, so I bring expertise in this area to the mediation table as well.

(5)               I will not have any prior experience in litigation with any attorney of any law firm involved in mediation.† As such, I am able to provide truly objective and impartial service, with no past or present ďagendaĒ impacting on my ability to successfully assist the parties in the resolution of their dispute.

(6)               Because I am willing to travel outside Atlanta at no expense to the parties, this will insure that all participants to any mediation will have a mediator with a strong understanding of all aspects of nursing home, medical malpractice and general liability, personal injury and wrongful death claims and litigation working with the parties in mediation, regardless of the venue of any particular case.

(7)                For out of town mediations, there is an average of 4-6 hours (for 2-party mediations), and 6-10 hours (for parties of 3 or more)of pre-mediation preparation, consisting of not only a review of submissions, but writing a chronology and analysis of the parties strengths and weaknesses.  When added to the hours of mediation itself, in many cases, this results in my rates being much less than local mediators with similar background and experience as a mediator.


Thank you for taking the time to review my web site, to see if my unique mediation service can be of value to you.† Please take a look at the What They Are Saying section, for these attorneys are the best spokespeople as to how the uniqueness of my background and mediation skills enabled them to resolve their cases on behalf of their clients.

I look forward to the opportunity to provide you with similar mediation service in the future.