I am writing to recommend Richard Strauss to anyone who seeks a highly skilled, hard working, and thorough mediator dedicated to settling cases.  I have had the opportunity to employ many mediators in various states in my litigation practice.  As a result, I have had the opportunity to observe and learn a variety of methods and styles used by mediators.  I have been particularly impressed by Richard Strauss, who has now successfully mediated a number of cases for several of my clients.  Richard does more than most, if not all, mediators in preparation for a mediation.  He comes to the mediation with a written chronology of the facts and pages of notes on the strengths and weaknesses of the case and often identifies strengths and weaknesses overlooked by the parties.  Because he has invested so much time in the case before the mediation begins, and demonstrates his thorough knowledge of the facts and issues, my clients and I do not have to spend time getting him up to speed and the mediation process is better spent on bringing the parties together.  My clients and I have developed a significant respect because he is well prepared and knowledgeable.  In fact, I have become so accustomed to his methods and thorough knowledge of the legal and medical issues that I am visibly disappointed by more and more mediators, who do not prepare for and engage in the mediation process like Richard.  In short, Richard sets the bar high for mediators.

Many of the cases I litigate have medical issues since they involve medical care providers and nursing homes.  Richard's prior work in this area has proven to be invaluable during the settlement process.  He has "been there" and "done that" so he is more credible than most when he discusses likely outcomes if the case does not settle.  His background also makes him uniquely valuable whether he is litigating in the northeastern or southwestern United States.

Finally, he has the kind of conciliatory personality and people skills that assist plaintiffs who have not been through the process and helps them accept settlement and move on with their lives.  The plaintiffs seem to feel good at the conclusion of the mediation, which means he has developed the necessary rapport to open the lines of communication and make settlement possible.

Richard was recommended to me through a plaintiffs' lawyer who had worked with him in the past and I successfully mediated that case with Richard.  I think plaintiffs and defendants find his style, methods, and energy he puts into mediation refreshing and the results outstanding.

Jill S. Goldsmith