I'm writing today to recommend the mediation services of Richard M. Strauss, Esq.  Recently, Mr. Strauss participated in the mediation of a nursing home malpractice case for our firm, and he did so with both skill and poise.

Attorney Strauss arrived at the mediation clearly prepared and with a high degree of knowledge for the issues surrounding the case.  He was recommended by the plaintiff's counsel as someone who has an extensive background in nursing home, medical malpractice, and personal injury litigation, and this was evident during the course of the session.

Attorney Strauss began the mediation by leading off with some opening comments regarding the nature of the process.  He gave the attorneys and our clients a clear understanding of what to expect, and his communication skills helped to create the conciliatory atmosphere necessary for the successful resolution of the case.

We were able to reach a successful resolution of the case thanks in large part to Attorney Strauss' efforts and preparation. I would highly recommend Mr. Strauss as a mediator for any nursing home, medical malpractice, or personal injury matter that requires mediation.  He is certainly qualified, prepared, and one of the most effective mediators I have ever come across in my 15 years I have been practicing in this area.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  I would be happy to discuss Mr. Strauss' services in more detail.

Joseph M. Desmond


I am writing to recommend Richard Strauss as a mediator.  In a recent case I mediated, Mr. Strauss was recommended by plaintiff's counsel to mediate a long term care case.  Mr. Strauss' background in the field of long term care gives him an unsurpassed body of knowledge that assists in mediating these cases.  Mr. Strauss was unbelievably prepared for the mediation and knew the facts as well as the attorneys, which allowed him to understand the key issues in the case.

Mr. Strauss also suggests that counsel not make opening statements in joint session and rather he makes opening comments that serve to bring the parties together rather than creating an initial divide, which can often occur with opening statements in mediations.  Mr. Strauss also led us through a thorough discussion and analysis of the issues in the case in separate sessions and worked unbelievably hard following the conclusion of the mediation session to resolve this complex three party mediation.

In addition, although Mr. Strauss is not from Massachusetts, he is effectively able to mediate long term care cases here due to his extensive knowledge in the field.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Christopher R. Lavoie