I write this letter as a strong recommendation for the services of Mr. Strauss as a mediator.  Mr. Strauss was friendly, respectful and professional throughout our mediation process..  He was able to conscientiously lay ground work for an open dialogue from the onset of the mediation.  Perhaps the one thing that sets Mr. Strauss apart from others in his level of preparation.  His preparation is unrivaled. 

I highly recommend his services and plan to use him again on the next opportunity.

Jeffrey L. Dunn
St. Louis


I am writing this letter of recommendation for Richard Strauss.  Richard mediated a nursing home case for me in March, 2008.  He did an excellent job, and we were able to settle an extremely difficult case with several complex issues.

Richard's background in the field of nursing home litigation (as well as other medical and personal injury cases) is exceptional.  That background came through very clearly throughout the mediation.

His level of preparation was the most thorough that I have ever seen in any mediator in 20 years of mediations.  This preparation gave him an excellent understanding of the key issues in the case, and we did not have to spend any time getting everyone "up to speed."

Richard did an excellent job of dealing with the attorneys, but also in using the opening session to deal directly with the plaintiffs (who were understandably unfamiliar with the mediation process) to create an environment for compromise and resolution.

He utilized his background, preparation and approach to the individuals to create an environment where the issues in the case could be thoroughly discussed and analyzed.  He was willing to offer opinions and suggestions throughout the mediation process and, in the ultimate measure of success, was able to get the case settled.

Richard's willingness to travel, included in his flat fee, regardless of jurisdiction and venue, makes him uniquely suited to mediate, especially among parties who may be difficult or who may have reservations regarding a party's relationship to local mediators.  If anyone has any questions, I would be happy to address them directly.

Gregory J. Minana
St. Louis


I have mediated several cases with Richard Strauss, and would like to take a few moments to provide this highest recommendation.

First, I would like to express my background in long-term care.  I have been representing nursing homes for over 15 years, and have tried several cases to verdict.  I have directly handled, evaluated or managed nearly 500 nursing home cases in over 15 states.

Richard Strauss is the most knowledgeable, hardworking and effective long-term care mediator I have ever experienced.  He shows up prepared on every case issue, ready to discuss with both sides the strengths and weaknesses.  He treats people with respect, and I find everyone involved in his mediations to consider him an excellent communicator.  Richard comes highly recommended by members of the plaintiff and defense bar.

If anyone wishes to discuss his abilities, I am happy to speak with them.

Steven M. Strum
St. Louis