Richard Strauss recently acted as a mediator in a wrongful death case in which I represented a convalescent center.  Prior to the mediation, I had no experience with Mr. Strauss. In fact, he was recommended by the plaintiff's attorney.  Therefore, prior to agreeing to use Mr. Strauss as a mediator, I conducted a thorough review of his background.  I spoke with several defense lawyers who had used him in the past, as well as several insurance carriers. All of the responses were positive.

The particular case in which I was involved with Mr. Strauss was very challenging and presented several unique issues involving Alzheimer's patients.  We were successful in resolving the case for an amount I felt to be very fair.  I believe this goal was achieved as a result of Mr. Strauss' unique talents in a very complicated case.  First, he was very able in dealing with the emotional impact of this wrongful death case on the survivors of the decedent.  Secondly, Mr. Strauss effectively evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of both sides of the case without demonstrating partiality.  Third, and most important, Mr. Strauss went to work for both parties and objectively analyzed the issues and identified the risks that both parties would encounter should the matter proceed to trial.  His talents in this regard led to a resolution of a dispute, and my client, as well as myself, were quite satisfied with the outcome.

I recommend Mr. Strauss without hesitation in any case involving nursing home, medical malpractice and personal injury.  He demonstrated a depth of knowledge and ability to grasp issues which I found unique.  He was successful in reaching out to both parties and developing framework in which both parties believe resolution of the case was the most beneficial outcome.

I would not hesitate to use Mr. Strauss again and would be glad to answer any questions you have regarding his abilities.  Please feel free to contact me.

Charles W. Spann