I wanted to provide you this email if you would like to use me as a reference.  You have my complete approval to do so.  You did a wonderful job on our case.  You were prepared, and you knew the medicine.  You also work well with all the personalities in the room.  I do not believe we would have had the same success without you.

J. Michael Doyle


Dear Richard,

I have been meaning to write this for months.  This follows the double-header mediation we had earlier this year in Philadelphia.   I was very pleased that we were able to resolve both cases, each a significant case, each with very capable plaintiff's counsel.

Although my office had worked with you years earlier, in these recent matters, you came recommended by plaintiff's counsel.  It was expected (and we were not disappointed), that you had a thorough working knowledge of the facts within the mediation memos, particularly the clinical records, as well as the procedural and evidentiary issues.  Your level of preparation is as good as anyone I have ever worked with as a mediator.   Your experience in long term care also places the participants in the mediation on notice that their position, or their exposure, and/or their demands, will be evaluated in the context of that experience.

I thought your approach with both sides of the table was effective, whether speaking to a grieving or angry family member, or having some frank discussion with the industry representative.

Of course, the bottom line is always, did we get the case resolved, and was the mediation that got us to that point effective, and cost effective.  I can certainly say 'yes' to those questions.

Thank you for your able assistance.  I look forward to working with you again.  Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference.

Take care,

John M. Skrocki


Please accept this correspondence as my recommendation for Richard Strauss' services as a mediator.  I am a practicing attorney who serves as national counsel to an insurer of a nursing home chain.  In that capacity, I have had occasion to utilize Mr. Strauss' services as a mediator in several matters.  I have found Mr. Strauss to be extremely effective in assisting the parties in resolving their differences in these cases.  He consistently demonstrates a working knowledge of the facts absed upon written submissions received from counsel.  He provides insight and thoughtfulness when presenting opposing points of view.  I believe that his background and experience working with nursing homes and insurance carriers equips him with an unique perspective that is invaluable to the mediation process.  I would highly recommend Richard as a mediator to any attorney or party interested in resolving their case.  In my opinion, he is among the best mediators I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Gerald J. Valentini