I write to provide my strong recommendation for using Richard M. Strauss, Esq., as a mediator in any complex personal injury or medical malpractice case.

I have used Richard on more than one occasion, and have found him to be incredibly prepared, professional and effective.   Richard's unique background in medical malpractice, long-term care and personal injury litigation is extremely well-suited to any lawyer who represents a client involved in such a case.  Richard also pours a great deal of time into preparing for his mediations.  He has an excellent command of the facts of the case, regardless of its particular complexities, and the relationship between co-defendants, to the extent there are multiple defendants in a case.  The tone he sets in his opening comments create an atmosphere of resolution, and I sincerely believe that he is able to see cases through to resolution that might not otherwise be resolved.  Richard's dedication to mediation, his high talent level, and his reasonable fees (including no charges for travel expenses) make him the perfect choice in any complex matter.

I would be delighted to discuss my experiences with Richard should you have any particular questions.

Rodney S. Dillman
Virginia Beach