This letter is written to endorse Richard Strauss as a Mediator with whom I have had experience. As a plaintiff's lawyer mostly handing elder abuse cases, I have appreciated the services of Mr. Strauss.  He is experienced in mediating these types of cases for me and local defense counsel.

Mr. Strauss works hard to analyze the case materials before the mediation so that he is able to provide advice to both sides concerning the merits of their cases.  This comes from a lot of experience not only as a Mediator but in the field of long term care claims adjusting.

I heartily endorse him and welcome any inquiries.

H. Michael Wright


I wanted to share with you what a fine job I think you have done for my clients during a recent mediation of a long-term care case.  This was my second mediation with you and I am even more impressed now than I was the first time.  And that is saying something.

I initially approached you as a mediator with some degree of skepticism since you were, in fact, recommended by defense counsel to serve as mediator in my first case with you.  And, in this particular case, it was a second mediation.  The first one failed after about one hour and no offers were even exchanged.  This was a polarized case and you deftly and ably managed both our clients' expectations and also kept the dialogue moving.  This was no easy task.

I was deeply impressed with your level of preparation.  You obviously are intimately familiar with the nuances of cases like this and absolutely "nailed" our case, including focusing on some strengths that I had not given proper consideration after spending a year with the case and personally preparing all of our experts for trial.  Suffice it to say that you had very good instincts and were able to communicate to our clients (causing them to feel heard and understood) the strengths of our case.  I have no doubt that this helped you in "the other room" with defense counsel.  Similarly, you aptly summarized and articulated the defense position, but-importantly-did so in a way that was not polarizing to our clients.  You have a gift for communicating the difficult with grace and in a way that is non-adversarial.  Most importantly, you twisted arms when need be, but didn't have anybody feel like their arms were being twisted.

You also helped to keep the process moving when it looked like settlement discussions were doomed toward inevitable failure.  You had a lot of creative ideas and I appreciate you reaching, time and time again, into your bag of tricks to keep the parties talking.  This brought conclusion to this difficult matter.

I would have no hesitation using you on future matters, and, in fact, have recommended you to some of our partners.  I wish you continued success in your career and look forward to working with you on the next case.

Shannon L. Clark


Based on multiple positive experiences with Richard Strauss, I am able to unequivocally recommend him as a mediator.

I was skeptical of Mr. Strauss as a mediator because of his background on the defense side of the practice and, in particular, his work in the nursing home industry. After several mediations, however, including some mediations that were among the most difficult I have ever encountered, I can say that Mr. Strauss' background is a significant benefit rather than a detriment.

Richard brings to the table knowledge regarding how the other half of the practice thinks, and the benefit of thousands of mediations so that he has an understanding as to what cases are worth.  He has never been less than completely prepared and has been able to articulate to both sides in mediation the important facts and theories without having to hear argument regarding those issues.

When mediations have been particularly contentious or complicated, or when nothing else seems to work, Richard has been creative in his thought process and has made good suggestions to move the parties toward settlement.

When mediations have been unsuccessful, Richard made constructive comments and suggestions that have helped move parties towards an ultimate resolution regardless of whether it occurs on the first day of mediation.  I know from experience that he has mediated enough cases in Arizona to be familiar with the peculiarities of Arizona juries and has a very good sense of values in Arizona cases.

For clients who are cost conscious, I can also tell you that Richard's services have been, at a minimum, competitive, and more frequently, economical given how difficult some of my cases have been to settle.  To give one example, Richard mediated a nursing home for me about a year ago which went nowhere despite his best efforts.  At the request of both parties shortly before a contractual arbitration, Richard mediated by telephone, without additional charge--a negotiation which took 14 moves on each side to get the case settled.  While the number of moves was extremely frustrating for me personally, Richard never complained about the process and ultimately got the case concluded, with no additional fee.

If anyone reading this has any questions about Richard Strauss, I would be pleased to speak with you personally.

Jeffrey B. Miller


I have been utilizing the services of mediators for over fifteen years in my practice.  Over the last couple of years, I retained Richard as a mediator for Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing cases where I represent the Plaintiff.  I have found Richard to be thoroughly prepared in knowing the case inside and out when he comes to the table to mediate.  Richard has a down to earth demeanor and approach that is always well received by the parties, even under the circumstances.  My clients and I have been impressed with Richard and his mediation skills.  I always consider Richard as my first choice when it comes to selecting a mediator.  I would highly recommend Richard for your next mediation.

Jeffrey L. Victor, P.C.