I am writing to express my appreciation for your successful efforts in bringing the above-referenced case to a favorable resolution.

Through your persistence, you took a case where settlement, at one point, appeared hopeless and used your skill, experience and understanding of long term care to obtain a settlement that our clients deemed very favorable in this case.  I sincerely appreciate your efforts and will not hesitate to use you again as a mediator.  I would readily recommend your services to any of my colleagues looking for a mediator in a nursing home case.

David W. Adams


We had the opportunity to have Richard serve as a mediator in a wrongful death case with multiple party defendants.  We would recommend him for services as a neutral mediator in the future without hesitation….. He worked with both sides, building not only our confidence in his ability to further meaningful negotiations, but our client's confidence as well…..His experience in the insurance industry not only allowed him to place a value on the case that was objectively reasonable, but also to discuss this valuation with both defense counsel and their respective insurance company representatives (whom, in our case, included a district claims manager and two claims supervisors).

Thomas C. Blaska
Wayne S. Melnick


I write this letter to strongly recommend and encourage the utilization of the services of Richard M. Strauss a mediator.  Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of working with Richard as a mediator.  Initially, I was very reluctant to use Richard based on his defense-oriented background and the fact that Defense Counsel had selected him.  On the day of mediation I was pleasantly surprised and both my client and I were impressed with Richard's knowledge, skill and abilities.  Perhaps more importantly, I was very impressed that Richard was a very fair mediator. From the recent mediation, it was obvious that Richard had read the file, and was familiar with all the issues in the case.  Richard had also reviewed a case that was problematic for the Plaintiff's side of the case and was prepared to discuss its impact on my client's case.

Nonetheless, Richard was able to bring both sides together to reach an amicable resolution.  He explained his methods, the process, and was able to get my client to see, as he put it, "Your demand is not real money" but that the "money offered by the Defendant could be deposited in any bank."

The next time Richard is suggested as a mediator I will agree to utilize his services without hesitation.

E. Earle Burke


I have a plaintiff's practice and have been in many mediations.  I recently represented a lady in a case made particularly difficult by the fact that my client was highly emotional about each and every issue.  She could not handle any type of scrutiny.  A simple question would have her at boiling point.  She did badly at deposition and I did not think she would hold up on cross-examination if the case ever went to trial.I agreed to mediation and, two weeks ago, this was scheduled with Richard M. Strauss as mediator.Defense counsel suggested the mediator.  I was a little uncomfortable with this.  I prepared to offer a few names of my own and kick the issue around.  Then I saw an article Mr. Strauss wrote in the Georgia Trial Lawyers' magazine and decided to try him.  Nevertheless, I was concerned that this mediator had a defense-oriented background on paper.During the mediation I was pleasantly surprised to find that Mr. Strauss immediately zoned in on the strengths and weaknesses of both sides of the case.  Most importantly, he recognized my client's volatility and sensitively worked around it to keep her at the table negotiating when I despaired that she would abort the process very early in the day.  He was able to get her to see hard facts which went against her, negatives of the case I had discussed with her for more than a year without her recognizing them.I presume he was as competent at this with a tight-fisted insurance company adjuster for as the day went on we narrowed the gap.  We were able to resolve the case for a figure I had in mind going in, one that made my client happy.I will use Mr. Strauss again and can recommend him.

Gerry Carty


All of the cases I have mediated with Mr. Strauss have settled, and I and each of my clients were satisfied with the overall process and Mr. Strauss' ability to analyze the issues involved in each case and identify the potential risks to both sides.

Michael A. Cole


Although Richard's background is defense oriented, I would recommend him to any plaintiff's trial lawyer, or defense lawyer since in all respects he was a professional, neutral mediator.  He is courteous, patient, and realistic.  I look forward to working with Richard on other big cases in the future.

Lawrence A. Cooper


I am writing this letter to highly recommend Richard Strauss as a mediator to help you with whatever matter you are considering for his services.  My experience with Richard in March, 2005 left me with a very strong opinion that he was capable, objective and very effective in helping us to reach a resolution.

Our case involved mortgage fraud and as the Plaintiff's attorney in that matter, I represented a large corporation.  I have significant experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in business and real estate litigation.  I would use Richard again regardless of whether I represent the plaintiff or defendant.

There were nearly a dozen defendants in my case, each with a different objective and different set of circumstances.  There were professionals with insurance.  There was an insurance company that was a party.  There were individuals with little or no money and several parties that had their various careers on the line.  Richard was able to take these various factions and create a resolution acceptable to my client.

Richard was well prepared and very determined.  He had a thorough understanding of the issues in the case.  More importantly however, he was able to quickly understand the specific objectives and motivations of the numerous parties, including the Plaintiff.  His considerable defense experience made Richard an excellent evaluator of the various defendants' true strengths and weaknesses.  He was very capable of and very willing to filter out the rhetoric when helping me and my client to understand the defendants' real position and reasons.  Richard's candor and honesty created an atmosphere where a thorough discussion and analysis of the case drove the negotiations more so than any other factor.

Most importantly, Richard was successful because he was determined and never really seemed to slow down during a very long day.  He managed to squeeze more from every single party long after they had all resolved to stop.  It is very unlikely our case would have been settled with a less determined mediator.

I highly recommend Richard Strauss as a mediator and will use him again.

Vaughn W. Fisher, Jr.


I just wanted to let you know that thanks to your relentless efforts, we were finally able to resolve  My clients and I are appreciative and glad that all of your work was not for naught.

So far you are batting a thousand on resolving my cases and we will certainly see if you can continue your magic.

James A. Goldstein


On December 9, 2003, we mediated a personal injury case with Richard Strauss acting as our mediator.  The case involved both liability and underinsured motorist carrier's counsel, and therefore presented several challenging issues.

During and after the mediation, I found that Mr. Strauss was able to (1) objectively analyze the issues, and (2) identify the risks to both parties in terms of liability and the limits of available insurance coverage.  While the case did not resolve on the day of the mediation, Mr. Strauss offered and provided his services after the mediation, free of charge, which I believe helped in the ultimate resolution of the case several weeks later.  I am willing and in fact have already scheduled him to serve as a mediator in another case next month, and am hopeful he will be as hard-working and effective as he was in this case.

Jeffrey B. Grimm


Some plaintiff’s attorneys may be hesitant about Richard’s defense oriented resume.  However, I found his past experience to be extremely valuable because he was able to communicate effectively with the defense attorneys, doctor defendant, hospital risk manager and most importantly, the defense insurers.  Richard’s objective analysis of the issues, his insight into the risk for both parties and his knowledge of the issues in the industry were very helpful in leading to a favorable resolution of this highly contested matter.  I certainly recommend him for mediations in general, including medical malpractice cases.

Philip C. Henry


Regarding Richard M. Strauss, Esq., mediator, it has been my pleasure to work as a practicing attorney with Richard M. Strauss, as a mediator.  The purpose of this letter is to highly recommend Mr. Strauss to those persons who may be seeking a good/objective mediator who has a thorough knowledge of the legal and practical issues involved in personal injury litigation, and especially medical malpractice and wrongful death litigation claims.

In my experience with Richard as a mediator, I found him to be honest, intelligent and candid with regard to the analysis of the risk to both parties, and he was of great assistance in objectively assisting the resolution of the claims.

Based upon my experience with Richard, we were able to resolve my claims in a satisfactory manner, and I look forward to utilizing his services again in many future mediations.  I would highly recommend him as a mediator to all attorneys practicing in the personal injury field, whether they be primarily on the plaintiff's side or the defendant's side.

A. Jack Hinton


I just wanted to thank you again for all you did in helping us reach a settlement in our case.  Your professionalism and knowledge of the case were outstanding.  I will undoubtedly recommend you to others and I look forward to using your services again in the future every time we require the assistance of a mediator.  Thanks again!

Jeffrey S. Jonap


I highly recommend Richard Strauss, Esquire, to mediate cases involving medical malpractice and/or nursing home litigation/long term care.  Richard is very experienced, and I find that he is very objective in his approach towards mediating these complex cases.  As a plaintiff's attorney, my clients are delighted to have someone fair and objective evaluate their cases to determine the best course during mediation.  I have always found Mr. Strauss to be that type of mediator, and highly recommend him.

If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Evan W. Jones


He was able to objectively analyze the issues, identify the risks to both parties and was extremely well received by my clients.  His background in the insurance industry in medical malpractice and personal injury litigation proved to be extremely helpful.

Robert N. Katz


…..we recently had a very good experience with Richard Strauss in a mediation of a tough nursing home case and that we were very pleased with his performance.  Richard's vast experience in long term care really made a difference and we plan to request his services again in the future.

Edward H. Kellogg, Jr.


I am writing to write a letter of recommendation for Richard Strauss.  I had the pleasure of mediating a case recently with Richard.  The case involved an injury as the result of an automobile accident.  Richard seemed to have a firm grasp of all matters surrounding automobile accident litigation.  At our mediation, he obviously read our memorandum about the case and was quick to zero in on the issues in the case and how to resolve them. 

At the beginning of the mediation, he suggested a non-confrontational approach to the opening statements which set the stage for a meaningful mediation.  Richard at all times was fully engaged in the mediation and resolving the matter in an expeditious manner.

He appeared to value everyone's time.  He appeared to understand the Plaintiff's concerns and was willing to offer options and suggestions throughout the entire process.  He also seemed to put my client at ease which helped to insure my client was treated fairly throughout the mediation.

We were able to successfully conclude a difficult case through the good efforts of Richard's mediation.  I would recommend Richard to other Plaintiff's attorneys as someone who is easy to work with both in scheduling a mediation, preparing for the mediation and implementing a successful mediation process.

J. Lansing Kimmey


At the inception of the mediation, we were not optimistic the case would ultimately be resolved.  However, with Richard's objective analysis of the facts and his unique background with respect to acute care and nursing home pressure sore cases, he was able to convince my client, who was quite sophisticated, as well as the representatives of the Defendant, of the benefit and wisdom of compromising the case for the benefit of all parties.  Throughout the mediation Richard continued to review and analyze the voluminous medical records with an aim toward identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the plaintiff and defendant positions in the case which aided his effort to persuade the decision makers of the benefit of a present resolution of the case.

Glenn E. Kushel


My firm handles a significant number of nursing home cases, as well as medical malpractice and other types of tort cases.  I have had the pleasure of utilizing the services of Richard Strauss in several cases and have found him to be extremely hard working and dedicated in the mediation process and, unlike most mediators, does everything possible in order to try to bring the parties together to an amicable resolution.  As a plaintiff's lawyer, I find two attributes that Richard has to be essential with regard to nursing home and medical cases.  First, he is very compassionate and explains things extremely well to my clients.  Second, his background in the nursing home industry, specifically in the area of risk management, causes him to be very knowledgeable in this specialized area and have tremendous credibility with nursing homes and their insurers.

I would most certainly recommend Richard to anyone who handles nursing home and medical cases, but given his skills, abilities, and that fact that he is such a "quick study," I am sure he would be a tremendously effective mediator in any type of case.  I plan on using Richard's services as much as possible in the future.

Frank B. Lieppe


Mr. Strauss'  opening comments put my clients at ease, and was of great assistance in managing their emotions and concerns through the course of a lengthy negotiation session.

I would be willing to recommend Mr. Strauss as a mediator, without reservation.  His skills and approach resulted in a fair and favorable resolution of the matter we mediated with him.

Please do not hesitate to contact me in the event you have any questions.

Keith L. Lindsay


Please let this letter serve as my recommendation of Richard Strauss as a mediator.  Richard recently completed a mediation for me in a case involving negligence claims against both a nursing home and outside doctors.  Our case against the nursing home settled largely due to the efforts of Richard.

Among the many qualities I observed of Richard during the course of the mediation, the following stood out: his expertise in the subject matter, particularly nursing home matters; he came to the mediation prepared and it was evident from his opening statement that he knew the key issues in the case; he gave all parties involved the feeling from the opening statement on that he was there to help get the matter resolved in a conciliatory fashion and not in a forceful way; he approached both sides fairly and was able to engage in a discussion and analysis of the issues with not only the lawyers but also the clients; he knew when to keep the pace slow and he knew when to speed things up throughout the entire settlement negotiation phase of the mediation; and lastly, he was able to keep the clients comfortable with the proceedings, with opposing counsel and with him as the mediator.

I would not hesitate to use Richard again, and would commend his services to both plaintiff and defense counsel and to insurers.

I am happy to speak with anyone individually if you have any further questions about Richard's abilities.

Glenn Loewenthal


We were aware of Richard's defense oriented background but had heard good things about him.  Our expectations were exceeded.  Richard quickly formed a good grasp of the peculiar issues in the case and helped us to negotiate a favorable settlement.  We would not hesitate to use him on our more typical medical malpractice cases, nursing home cases, and other catastrophic cases.  It is worth noting that we were not able to resolve the case on the day of mediation and that Richard remained very accessible and eager to participate in the case until it was resolved.  We sincerely appreciate Richard's dedication to the goal of resolving complex catastrophic cases.

Lance D. Lourie
Stephen R. Chance


I wanted to compliment you for the way you handled the successful mediation of Lester.....As you requested, and I am happy to oblige, I am passing your name amongst members of the Plaintiff's Personal Injury Bar as one who has demonstrated that they are a fair, impartial and effective mediator.

In connection with the Lester case, I was very pleased with your efforts, and my client afterwards indicated that he was happy that you were knowledgeable in the field, comprehended and assessed the case quickly, and used your strong skills to facilitate a fair and equitable settlement of the case.

I will highly recommend your services in the future involving cases of both simple and complex legal matters.

Douglas R. Powell


We have been very impressed with the breadth of knowledge you have brought to the table across a wide range of health care and related issues….. That same knowledge base has proven important and effective in cases you have mediated with my partners in other contexts complex brain injury issues, medical malpractice, and personal injury cases involving significant damages.  Based on our collective experience in working with you, we have placed you high on our list of preferred mediators.  There is no substitute for preparation, instinct, and results.

Josh Sacks


I have used Richard Strauss as a mediator for multi-million dollar medical malpractice and nursing home cases.  He is a very hardworking, dedicated mediator, who also exhibits compassion towards those who have suffered a great personal loss.  As a plaintiff’s counsel, I found his background in risk management and hospital administration to be an asset.  He is quite knowledgeable in the medical arena and comprehends and assesses technical subjects very quickly….. When you have a strong case, he is an excellent facilitator to bring parties together on a value upon which both sides can agree.

Jane Lamberti Sams


Not only were my clients emotional about the case, but they were somewhat suspicious of the mediation process and preferred litigation.  Nevertheless, Mr. Strauss was patient and was not only able to win their trust in him, but also in the mediation process.  The result of Mr. Strauss' skillful approach to the process was that he was able to break through a potential stalemate at the end of the day and get the parties to agree to a very satisfactory settlement.  My clients left….. extremely pleased, not only with the process and Mr. Strauss, but also with me.

Quinton S. Seay


I recently participated in a mediation involving a personal injury case in which I was representing the plaintiff.

I found Mr. Strauss to be highly professional and efficient in his approach to assisting us in successfully resolving our case.  He was well prepared and knowledgeable as to the pertinent facts and issues in dispute.  His experience as a litigator and mediator greatly contributred to the facilitation of an equitable result.

Michael J. Trost


My partners and I have been fortunate enough to mediate, successfully, a number of cases with Richard M. Strauss.  Richard is a superb mediator.  He is always well prepared and very well versed on the underlying facts and the legal issues involved in our cases.  In fact, his preparation enables us to begin negotiations quickly and effectively.  Additionally, Richard is very knowledgeable in all matters pertaining to nursing home cases, and he is well respected by all claims personnel handling these cases.  We have also found that Richard communicates very well with our clients, and because of his professionalism and his compassion, our clients are very comfortable with him and rely upon what he tells them and us in our mediation sessions.

Richard Strauss is very high on our list of mediators, and we are pleased to recommend him to other attorneys.

Joseph W. Watkins


I am a solo practitioner in Augusta, Georgia, handling primarily plaintiff personal injury cases.

Recently, I had the occasion to utilize the services of Richard M. Strauss as a mediator in a medical malpractice case against the United States Government under the Federal Tort Claims Act.

As a plaintiff's attorney, I found him to be able to objectively and impartially analyze the issues, identify risk to both parties, thus leading to a resolution of the dispute.

I would have no hesitation whatsoever to have Richard serve as a mediator for me in future cases.

Sam G. Nicholson


I am writing to express my appreciation for your service in the recent matter you mediated.  Frankly, I was skeptical when the defense attorney suggested you as the mediator.  However, I was extremely impressed that you were extremely well prepared and that you provided the comfort level to my admittedly difficult client.  Also, your ability to get the defense attorneys to understand the downside of their case was very helpful.  Lastly, the varying options of negotiations provided the opportunity to resolve a difficult case.  Most importantly, you kept the negotiations moving through some very emotional impasses.

If you wish, you may use me as a reference for other Plaintiff's lawyers who may have reservations about your ability to be fair to both sides.  I wish you well and hope to have additional mediations with you.

Joe A. Weeks
Avondale Estates


Enclosed is our check for $1,250.00 in payment of your fee, which I think was very reasonable.

Thank you for your service as mediator in this case.  I must say again how impressed I was with the great job you did.  I really look forward to working with you again.  If there is anything I can do to help build your practice, please let me know.  I will be happy to recommend you to anyone who may not know you.

William S. Stone


I personally recommend Richard M. Strauss of Duluth, Georgia, as a mediator in significant personal injury cases.  Mr. Strauss recently served as a mediator in a very difficult case involving the deaths of a mother and two children in a situation where liability was still a major issue.

Co-counsel and I frankly did not believe that the case could be resolved short of trial.  However, the case did settle and the credit for that settlement is to some extent attributable to Mr. Strauss.

I found Mr. Strauss to have significant expertise in the areas involved in the case.  He also appeared to be extremely well prepared for each issue as it arose.  His mannerisms and approach to the process were of great benefit in having the negligent parties reevaluate their positions while, at the same time, granting some level of comfort to our client and his trust in the process.  I wholeheartedly endorse Mr. Strauss as a mediator in serious personal injury actions.

W. Wright Gammon, Jr.


Mr. Strauss’s unique experience in dealing with complex medicolegal matters allowed him to objectively analyze the issues and to identify the risks for both parties.  His persistence encouraged the parties to recognize both the strengths and weaknesses of their respective claims….. Mr. Strauss’s tireless efforts in this instance produced a multi-million dollar settlement that satisfied all parties.  We, therefore, can whole-heartedly recommend Mr. Strauss’s services to any litigants who truly desire to resolve major personal injury cases honorably.

J. Sherrod Taylor


I am a member of GTLA and have used Richard Strauss on multiple occasions.  He comes prepared, has the patience of Job and the tenacity like no other to work to get your case resolved!  I highly recommend him if your case involves medical issues.

Stephen Apolinsky


…..I was not disappointed by Richard’s service as a mediator in this case.  He was very patient and determined in his efforts to attempt to bring the parties to an acceptable compromise….. and he exhibited at all times a totally professional approach to a difficult resolution of the dispute which was mediated….. I would recommend that any plaintiff’s trial lawyer, or defense lawyer for that matter, seriously consider utilizing Richard Strauss as a neutral mediator in difficult and complex cases involving substantial claims.

W. Fred Orr, II


With an extensive background on the defendant’s side of the table, as plaintiffs’ attorneys we were a little leery.  However, as the mediation progressed, Mr. Strauss’s experience on the defense side enables him to understand the issues in a fraction of the time it would have taken a less experienced, less knowledgeable individual.  This allowed the parties to focus on the real issues and ultimately to get the case settled.

William G. Quinn, III


Please accept this letter as our recommendation for Mediator Richard M. Strauss.  We recently used Mr. Strauss to mediate a very complex and difficult medical malpractice claim involving infection.  The case had dragged on for more than three years before the parties were able to consider mediation.

We found Mr. Strauss to be very well educated on the subject matter of our case.  Before the mediation, we sent Mr. Strauss a plaintiff's mediation summary.  This summary was very detailed and included parts of testimony and evidence that we believed were critical to our case.  Mr. Strauss took the time to review this information before the mediation.  The information was also instrumental in explaining to the opposing council why it would be beneficial for our client to allow mediation at our offices.

Mr. Strauss' opening comments of the mediation were very helpful in explaining to the client the purpose of mediation and also helped facilitate an environment at the mediation where a compromise and resolution of the issues of the case could take place.  Our client, who had suffered horrible deformities as a result of the medical negligence felt comfortable with Mr. Strauss and appreciated his sensitive demeanor towards her case.  We found Mr. Strauss' background as in-house defense counsel to be beneficial to us in finding a resolution for this case.  We also found Mr. Strauss to be very impartial regarding the parties positions and he worked very hard to draw the money out from the defense as well as explain candidly to our client the weaknesses in our case.

It is quite refreshing to have a mediator who is willing to go the extra mile prior to the mediation and who is also willing to work so hard to try and reach a settlement while the parties are in private caucus.

R. Alan Cleveland


… became readily apparent early on in the mediation that Mr. Strauss was one of the most competent and skillful negotiator/mediators I have ever been involved with….. Please be advised that in the future, any mediation that I have …..involving these types of issues, I would request, and in fact, would demand Richard M. Strauss.

Wayne Lancaster


Recently, I had the occasion to engage the services of Richard M. Strauss as a mediator in a medical malpractice case. .During the course of the process, I found Richard to be well prepared, thorough, and quite familiar with the issues. .The mediation was successful and this success was in large part due to the manner in which Richard conducted the process. .I would not hesitate to use Richard again in future mediations/arbitrations and without hesitation, I recommend him to others.

Virgil L. Adams


Mr. Strauss contacted me, prior to the mediation, and obtained copies of our case file and the opposing attorney’s case file.  When he arrived, he had a working knowledge of the facts and issues before mediation began.  By being so well prepared, he was able to slice through the liability question quickly and get to the damages issues without wasting time.  This is the first mediation to which I have been a party where the mediator was so well prepared!…. Because of his experience in nursing home negligence and medical malpractice cases, he was able to help with the settlement by introducing and proposing unique settlement options.

Paul L. Cames


I have been practicing exclusively as a plaintiff's attorney in Macon, Georgia for the past thirty-four years.  In September, I used Richard Strauss as a mediator in a case against a Nursing Home involving neglect for the causation of bed sores.  Prior to mediation, I provided Richard with the Settlement Demand with exhibits for review of the case.  In addition, Richard wanted to meet with me and then with the clients to make sure he understood the legal issues and for the clients to obtain their perspective.  I was pleasantly surprised about the thoroughness of his research for both sides.  He explained the strengths and weaknesses of each party throughout the eight plus hours of mediation and was extremely professional and courteous to all sides.

It was the direct result of his preparation and professionalism throughout the mediation that we were able to reach a very successful settlement of my client's claims.  I would highly recommend Richard Strauss as a mediator.

Malcolm G. Lindley

I have recently had my first experience using Richard Strauss as a mediator.  The case was a personal injury matter stemming from a motor vehicular accident involving a passenger automobile and a semi-tractor trailer.  I represented the plaintiff.

The mediation was successfully concluded, due in large part to Mr. Strauss' familiarity with the facts of the case.  I had sent a package of material on the case to Mr. Strauss prior to the mediation, and it was obvious that he had studied it and had mastered the facts of the case.

His positive attitude throughout the entire day of the mediation was very encouraging to both sides and, I am sure, resulted in the case being successfully concluded.

I recommend Mr. Strauss without hesitation and I will use him again if the opportunity presents itself.

If any person reading this recommendation would like further comments from me regarding Mr. Strauss and his mediation abilities/techniques, please feel free to contact me by telephone.

Bobby Jones


I was recently involved as Plaintiff's counsel representing an elderly woman who sustained a femur fracture while in a rehabilitation center.  Counsel for the parties utilized Richard M. Strauss, Esq. as the mediator.   Although Mr. Strauss was recommended by defense counsel to serve as the mediator, I found Mr. Strauss as early as the opening statement reflected a keen understanding of the issues to be resolved.  Because of the vast experience and expertise of Mr. Strauss, the parties were able to resolve this case to the satisfaction of both the Plaintiff and the Defendant.  I would recommend Mr. Strauss again in the future as a "motivating" mediator for both Plaintiffs as well as Defendants.

Peter A. Durham


I have known Richard M. Strauss for several years in his role as mediator in a number of nursing home cases.  I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Strauss during mediation in three states and would highly recommend him to both the Plaintiff's and Defense bar.

Richard has always come to the mediations fully prepared, not only as a result of his history and experience, but also by virtue of having thoroughly reviewed and digested the materials concerning the cases in which he sits as a neutral.  On the few occasions in which the mediation was not successfully concluded, Mr. Strauss has spent innumerable hours post-mediation at no additional cost to the parties in a continued effort to bring the parties to a successful resolution.  I have found Richard to be extremely successful in the post-mediation process and has resolved the cases that were unsuccessful at the original mediation.

I have also found that Richard's costs for services are extremely reasonable, particularly given his vast experience as a former Vice-President of Risk Management, Vice-President of Claims and Director of Claims, and his dealings with nursing home corporate entities and insurers.  I have found Richard's unique qualifications and abilities to be a primary asset in the resolution of these difficult cases.  Both Plaintiffs and Defendants would be well served to engage him as a neutral in any matter involving these difficult emotional issues.

Michael G. Kam


I am a retired chiropractor and practicing plaintiff's attorney who specializes in the areas of personal injury and medical negligence.  I have known Richard Strauss over a period of the past four years.  He was recommended to me by a fellow plaintiff's attorney with extensive nursing home litigation experience.  Richard has recently mediated a medical negligence case for me with a favorable outcome. Richard works exclusively as a neutral and is well versed to handle these cases based on his background in the health field.  While his background is defense oriented, he is able to be objective and effective in his handling of these cases.  His professionalism, expertise, and pleasing demeanor serve him well in his ability to appeal to all parties.  I would not hesitate to use Richard in future mediations and would recommend that you utilize his services.

Please feel free to contact my office should you wish any further input.

Dr. Joseph L. Hoffman, P.C.


I am very happy to report to you that my dental malpractice case in which you served as mediator was successfully concluded recently.  It is my firm opinion and belief that the sole reason that this case was successfully concluded was your extreme confidence and skills as a mediator and the respect that your presence generated on both sides of this case.

It was a pleasure to experience your objectivity and impartiality in analyzing the issues of our case.  You did an excellent job in pointing out to both parties the risks inherent with going forward in this case without a successful mediation, which I feel both sides grew to appreciate as the day went along.

Not only will I be pleased to have you serve as a mediator in my future cases, but I will also strongly recommend your skills as a mediator to any attorney I speak with.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a Happy and Healthy New Year and I will look forward to working with you for many years to come.

Benjamin S. Eichholz


I recently was introduced to the mediation services offered by Richard Strauss.  I represented a nursing home resident who had been raped by another resident within the facility.  The defense attorney recommended Mr. Strauss.

We were able to resolve the case with Mr. Strauss' assistance as mediator.  He was likely the most prepared mediator I have ever worked with.  His level of preparation made opening statements unnecessary, thus saving time.  With his help, we were able to focus on key issues directly affecting liability, causation and damages.

I believe that Mr. Strauss' corporate and defense background in the nursing home industry was actually an asset.  He has a thorough working knowledge of OBRA Regulations and standard of care issues.  His background, knowledge and expertise were applied evenly and his objective candor was appreciated by all involved.

Nursing home malpractice litigation comprises a significant part of my docket.  I would not hesitate to call upon Mr. Strauss again to serve as mediator.

Brian E. Krapf


Mr. Strauss demonstrated a marked ability to focus the parties on the primary issue in dispute and assist the parties in moving this case toward settlement by identifying the risks a jury trial may present to the parties and the benefits of a final resolution via a mediated settlement.  I am please to recommend Mr. Strauss as a fair and impartial mediator for serious personal injury cases……

Malcolm Mackenzie, III


I have just had the opportunity and privilege to conclude a very difficult personal injury case through mediation with Richard M. Strauss at MediateOne, Inc., serving as the mediator.  This case had extensive causation, compensatory and punitive damages issues, all of which played a role in the parties agreeing to a final settlement in this particular case.

After almost thirty (30) years of practice and dealings with mediators from all the major mediation services along the eastern seaboard, and having experienced every type and style of mediator that one could imagine, this experience with Richard M. Strauss was without question one of the most refreshing, productive and reinvigorating mediation processes to which I have ever been a party.  Mr. Strauss' grasp of the issues to be resolved, his clear understanding of the overall litigation process, particularly from his perspective as a corporate and "in-house" counsel, his impeccable preparation based on the submission of the parties' Pre-Mediation Briefs and most importantly, his patience and creative approaches to argumentative hurdles in the mediation process was truly outstanding.

Almost as important to my own comfort level was my client's comfort level with what he was hearing from the mediator during conferences.  My client felt that he was receiving fair and objective analysis of the issues that were important to him and that the final result of Mr. Strauss' sincere efforts was truly a just conclusion in the mediation process.

Quite frankly, I would utilize Mr. Strauss in any variety of cases not just personal injury cases and will without question, make all possible efforts in the future to engage Mr. Strauss in mediations, regardless of the forum, venue or subject matter of the case involved.

In conclusion, the more difficult the case the greater the need to have a mediator of Mr. Strauss' acumen and personal characteristics to resolve that matter.

Richard H. Middleton, Jr.


This was a particularly difficult case for various reasons, and my clients’ emotions were running high.  Nevertheless, Richard remained very patient with my clients and gave them the opportunities they needed to vent their frustrations about the circumstances that led to the case.  He was also creative in his approaches and determined in his efforts to bring the parties to a resolution……I would not hesitate to recommend him as a mediator in any cases and particularly, in complex cases involving substantial claims.

John E. Suthers