We recently represented plaintiff's surviving family in a wrongful dealt suit against an Assisted Living Facility. Early in the litigation process, defendant's counsel suggested mediation with Richard Strauss, Esquire. Although we were initially skeptical about mediating with a mediator chosen by the defense, we decided to give it a try after reviewing many positive recommendations from plaintiff's' attorneys.

Mediation was recently held and did result in a settlement satisfactory to plaintiffs. I want to state that I found Mr. Strauss to be a true neutral party notwithstanding his defense background. He came to the mediation thoroughly prepared and had an excellent understanding of all the issues in the case. He made the plaintiffs feel comfortable throughout the mediation and I believe they did trust his judgment and his sincere interest in getting the case settled.

I have been involved as an attorney representing the plaintiff in hundreds of mediations and have served as a court appointed mediator in the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County, Maryland. I am a graduate of the Harvard Law School Program on Mediation.

Based on my background and experience in the recent case with Mr. Strauss, I can state that he is an excellent mediator and that I would not hesitate to refer a case to him in the future.

Alan Legum