During the mediations we were very pleased with your ability to objectively and impartially analyze all of the issues in these complex cases and to identify the risks to both the Plaintiffs and to the Defendants.  Because of your superior skills and guidance throughout the mediations, we were able to settle both cases.

Paul T. Benton


Not too long ago, I had an unexpected and rewarding experience at a mediation down in Jackson-involving a mediator I have never worked with.

Never in all my 33 years of practice had I seen such a mediator as Richard Strauss.  The way in which he prepared for these labor-intensive cases, the manner in which he conducted himself at the joint and separate negotiations, and the mediating skills that mirrored his genuine and pleasing mannerisms and personality were really something to observe and study.  He did a truly marvelous job both days, and what's more, the opposite carriers and their counsel while not too happy, told me Richard was fair, persuasive and had grasped the issues early and very well.

I've participated with a lot of mediators over the years, but not one like Richard Strauss.

I do not know Richard that well on a personal basis, except to say that he is a very friendly listener with a great personality and who is obviously bright.  But, I can guarantee you from a professional standpoint of one thing: you will be glad you got him involved when you are at a juncture calling for mediation.  One other important thing to know is that Richard's experience as an attorney-before he got into mediation-was actually in the insurance and corporate structure, with a resultingly large amount of contacts gained over the years on the other side of the table.  They know he will be a fair third party.

I thought I would pass my experiences with Richard on to you if you haven't already run into him.

Walter W. Thompson


It is my pleasure to write this letter on behalf of Richard M. Strauss, Esq.  I recently had the opportunity to have Richard successfully mediate a nursing home case for me in Gulfport, Mississippi.

Initially, I was skeptical in selecting any mediator suggested by a defendant.  I was further uncertain about involving an out of state mediator to assist on what I viewed as in state issues.  Well, I checked Richard out.  Respected members of the bar gave him high praise as to preparedness and ability to get the case resolved.

Richard has a diverse and well qualified background to mediate any nursing home or medical related case.  Although his background is from a defense perspective (claims management and defense), he was objective, impartial and most importantly effective in getting my case resolved.  Richard's knowledge was invaluable in getting the nursing home to recognize the significance of the risks involved.

Richard came to the mediation with a thorough understanding of the issues involved.  He analyzed the issues and presented them in ways that focused the discussion towards resolution.  He used methods that challenged each side to present their strengths and acknowledge their weaknesses.  Even if my case did not settle, I found his approach exceptionally helpful in finding those powerful points of persuasion that would be useful at trial.  Without his assistance, I do not believe that my case would have settled.

It is without reservation that I recommend Richard M. Strauss as a mediator.  I would use him again in a heartbeat and encourage other plaintiff lawyers to use him.

Kenneth M. Altman


Please accept this letter as my strong endorsement of the mediation skills of Richard Strauss, particularly in nursing home litigation.  This firm has utilized his services on a number of occasions and been very pleased with the professionalism, experience, ability and determination in these mediation proceedings.

As a plaintiff's attorney, I was at first hesitant to employ the services of a mediator with such an extensive background in the nursing home industry.  However, it appears that the vast experience Mr. Strauss has acquired in the industry has provided a solid foundation for his unique ability to understand the complex issues in nursing home cases and to work with both sides toward amicable resolution of claims.  I would certainly recommend Mr. Strauss for mediation in nursing home cases, regardless of which side you represent in the dispute.  I certainly intend to employ his services again in the future.

William M. Covington, III


Recently, I had the opportunity to utilize the services of Richard Strauss as mediator in a nursing home neglect case that was filed in Mississippi.  In this case, there were significant complex factual issues, as well as, multiple insurance carriers, and looming coverage issues.  Richard's background and credibility allowed him to work through these issues in the mediation to reach an amicable resolution for all sides.  He also went above and beyond during the mediation process when it looked like there would be a stalemate.

I look forward to working with Richard on future cases.  He is a skilled, fair, and impartial mediator, and I would highly recommend his services in any case involving complex litigation.

Martin D. Crump


I would like to give me strong recommendation for Richard Strauss as a mediator, particularly in nursing home cases.  Mr. Strauss demonstrated in a nursing home case we successfully mediated that he has an excellent grasp of not only the factual issues in a nursing home case, but also the nuances which exist between various insurance carriers and other practical matters which are at work in a potential settlement.  From a plaintiff's perspective, Mr. Strauss seemed to have a good working knowledge of which issues are most likely to persuade a jury, both for and against the plaintiff-and that information is critical to the realistic evaluation of a case.

Along with my partner, Eric Stracener, I would recommend him without reservation to any plaintiff's practitioner who seeks a skilled, qualified, and highly motivated mediator in a nursing home case.

John F. Hawkins


Richard M. Strauss served as a Mediator on a case where I represented the Plaintiff.  As a Plaintiffs' attorney, I am always somewhat skeptical of a Mediator recommended by the Defendants' attorney, especially when I do not know the Mediator.  This was the case with Mr. Strauss. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the manner in which Mr. Strauss conducted the Mediation.  He was objective, impartial, and neutral in analyzing the issues in the case and in the manner in which he conducted the mediation.  In short, he was completely fair to both sides and was instrumental in getting the case resolved.

My experience in dealing with settlement and mediation issues goes back a long way.  I have been a lawyer for 38 years, having previously served as an attorney for insurance companies, and presently as an attorney for Plaintiffs, as well as a tenure as a Circuit Court Judge for the 19th Circuit Court District of Mississippi.

I highly recommend Richard M. Strauss as a Mediator, and it is my intention to use him in the future.

Should there be any questions, please let me know.

James W. Backstrom
Ocean Springs

…..I am amazed that you were able to facilitate a settlement due to the complex nature of the cases, multiple insurance carriers and coverage issues…..I found you to be very fair, objective, professional and able to communicate with all parties about how various factors affected the value of the cases.  Your experience in the nursing home industry is invaluable.

Michelle L. Ward