I am writing to commend you on the manner in which you recently mediated our plaintiff's case in Belleville, IL.

I can tell you, without reservation, that all of the attorneys who were involved in this case were extremely pleased with the way you conducted the mediation, your effectiveness in garnering compromise from both sides, and, of course, a result that was acceptable to all parties concerned.

I should let you know that a friend from law school who has done defense work in Kansas City, Missouri, for over 40 years recently called to ask for the names of mediators that I would recommend. I gave him your name and later called him to tell him about you.

If a plaintiff's attorney is in need of a reference regarding your services, please do not hesitate to have them contact me.

We look forward to mediating with you in the future. Your objectivity and impartiality are strong characteristics which we appreciate finding in a mediator.

Burton Newman
St. Louis