New Mexico

I am a plaintiff's attorney practicing in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and nationally.  I have been doing nursing home cases for 17+ years with some success.  Mr. Strauss has now served as a mediator for me in 2 cases, one in New Mexico and one in Nebraska.  He is the singularly most prepared mediator I have ever met, taking time prior to the mediation to internalize both sides of the case in a way I have not seen done by others.  This preparation makes him a very effective mediator.  He is a pleasure, personally, and gets along well with clients.  I would pass along my highest recommendation.  Feel free to call or e-mail me with questions.

Carl Bettinger


With the help of Richard Strauss, we were able to get a substantial settlement in a recent medical malpractice action against a doctor and a hospital.  Mr. Strauss was selected due to his extensive knowledge of medical malpractice cases from the defense point of view and knowledge of what these cases are really worth.  We were very satisfied with the results that were achieved.  There were additional reasons why we would use Mr. Strauss again.  I found that since he has a defense-oriented background he understood our issues well, and more importantly, he understood the process it would take to gain a satisfactory settlement.  He understood well that his role was to get the case settled, and that was the only way he could maintain his reputation as a successful mediator.  Other matters that I thought were helpful were that he traveled from Georgia at his own expense, without charging any of the parties.  Being tenacious, beginning in the morning hours and continuing until 8:00 p.m.  When part of the case did not settle, he continued to push the case for settlement, which eventually caused the case to settle all at no additional charge.  Coming to the mediation knowing the issues and having thoroughly reviewed the documents by each side before the mediation, expedited the process.  His analysis was objective and impartial, identifying risks to both parties.  Without hesitation, I will be strongly recommending that Mr. Strauss assist us in future mediations.

Frederick H. Sherman