I wanted to take an opportunity to extend my appreciation to you in regard to how you handled the recent mediation involving the family I represented against the long term care facility.  As you were aware from the outset, this was a mutually agreed upon pre-suit mediation.  When it came time to select a mediator, defense counsel recommended you highly.  As you can imagine, not having worked with you previously, I really had to rely on your credentials, and your experience, in making the selection.  Additionally, my fellow Plaintiff's attorneys in Northeast Ohio were not familiar with you and therefore I could not seek out their recommendation.

I was impressed with how well prepared you were for the mediation, clearly having gone through the materials provided to you and having taken your own copious notes in advance.  You were very efficient in time management.  You were familiar enough with the evidence, because of your preparation, that you were able to engage the parties in a thorough discussion and analysis of the issues we all faced in the event that litigation ensued.  It is for that reason I believe we reached a settlement that day.

I certainly will recommend you to my fellow colleagues in Ohio.  I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Angela T. Vagotis


I have practiced general civil litigation for more than 35 years.  Approximately 80 per cent plaintiff / 20 per cent defendant.

Defense counsel in a nursing home dispute case suggested Richard M. Strauss as a mediator.  While I was initially reluctant to have a mediator out of Atlanta come to Ohio to mediate, I have found that he has a very unique background in the industry and is a proficient mediator.

He was extraordinarily well prepared and from the onset in the morning it was obvious he had a working knowledge of the pertinent facts, including names and expected testimony of each of the key players.  He was able to identify the strengths and weaknesses with accuracy.  This preparation allows him to work through the issues much quicker than other mediators, and thus shift the mediation into the negotiations phase much faster than his colleagues, to the benefit of all participants.

He was a very skilled negotiator, and unlike other mediators who typically just run numbers back and forth.  He provided suggestions, recommendations and options throughout the process.

I strongly recommend Richard M. Strauss to my colleagues.

Craig T. Matthews