I have waited two months to write because I was hopeful that it would become possible over time to formulate the right words and phrases to say the things I wish to say without appearing patronizing or overzealous.   Suffice it to say, your guidance and direction to both sides caused this incredibly difficult case to resolve successfully for both sides.

Most impressive to me was your objective education of my client of both the strengths and weaknesses of her case.   Your analysis was so in depth and so on point, even if the case had not settled, the money spent to attempt mediation would not have been lost....because your objectivity was educational to all the lawyers in the room, as well as the litigants.

I was impressed by the meticulous preparation and the entire note pad of notes, thoughts and analysis of the case from all sides.  One wonders how many games of chess you have played alone.  Your analysis was critical in moving the two polar extremes toward center.  That movement got the parties close enough to resolve this dispute with your help.

Your efforts saved my client tens of thousands in costs to litigate this matter and provided immediate closure at a reasonable number.  The defendants got a great deal as to the total payout and my client got immediate payment, security and economic freedom.  It was everything mediation is supposed to be and you were an expert facilitator of the negotiation process.  You are at the pinnacle of your craft.  Just one mediation with you and the reasons are immediately obvious.  Your wealth of experience, unique expertise and concisely acute insight make you one of the better case evaluators I have ever watched.  You break a case down to its essence and explain your analysis clearly, concisely and persuasively.  Great job!

It was my privilege to work with you.

J. Thompson Cravens


It is my pleasure to recommend the mediation services of Richard M. Strauss, Esquire of MediateOne, Inc.

I represent plaintiffs only in injury cases.  Mr. Strauss has mediated two cases involving health care provider defendants in Virginia.  Both cases were successfully settled as a result of the mediation efforts of Mr. Strauss.  In both cases he was recommended by a claim representative of the defendant but on the last occasion I also jointly recommended him to my clients and agreed to his mediation services.

I find that Mr. Strauss has a high degree of subject matter expertise and knowledge concerning medical malpractice especially when a defendant is a physician, hospital or nursing home.  On each occasion he has demonstrated a high level of preparation and understanding of the key issues in my cases.  I was particularly impressed with his opening comments in each mediation, as these are specifically directed towards creating a conciliatory environment which is necessary for compromise and resolution of these cases.  Each of my clients have found a good comfort level with Mr. Strauss as the mediator, and I highly recommend him for his mediation abilities.

Carlton F. Bennett
Virginia Beach


I am a Plaintiff's lawyer with 39 years of experience and have used a number of mediators to resolve cases over the past several years.  I have known many of the mediators my entire adult life and have used them on a number of occasions and feel very comfortable with the local mediators that I know in Southeastern Virginia.  I was somewhat skeptical, at first, about using Mr. Strauss as a mediator, because his resume indicated that he had a defense oriented background (and because the defense lawyers were pushing him).  I have used Mr. Strauss twice now and boy, did I have to eat my words.

Mr. Strauss was prepared, professional, possessed of a perfect mediator's demeanor and personality, liked by my clients, and overall was very effective in helping us mediate the two cases of mine in which he was involved.  I will gladly agree to use Richard Strauss when the defense lawyers suggest him, and I would suggest him myself when the occasion arises.

Mr. Strauss even buys lunch.

Thomas B. Shuttleworth
Virginia Beach


Recently, Richard Strauss mediated a medical malpractice case.   I represented the plaintiff in the case.  He was suggested by the medical care providers-our opposition.   I was reluctant to use the services of a mediator suggested by the defense but luckily agreed.   We had a very successful mediation.  Richard Strauss surprised me by his evenhandedness.   He had no bias for either side.

We were asked to submit brief position papers and a few documents.  Richard arrived at the mediation fully prepared for the subject matter.  He had read the materials and understood the materials and issues quite well.   I have not worked with mediators better prepared than Richard.

I also liked the fact that he took the time prior to the mediation to get to know the opposing lawyers and their clients to the extent that we all felt very comfortable with his participation.  He then provided opening comments at the beginning of the mediation that further encouraged the level of cooperation and reduced the level of conflict.  His explanation of the process allayed much of our clients' hesitancy about the process.   He told the clients what to expect during the process and then proceeded into the process as explained.

Richard also had a number of effective techniques to assist in the negotiation and mediation.  He facilitated a broad understanding for the client, gave the client the opportunity to look at this case in such a way as a jury or third party may view the case, that is, without the emotion of a prospective party that enabled the client to make more rational decisions.

I certainly look forward to using Richard again in the future.

Stephen C. Swain
Virginia Beach