Our firm represented the estate of an elderly woman who died two months after being stranded without food, water or medication in a retirement home.  We agreed to mediate our case with Richard Strauss at the suggestion of the insurance company.  While we initially had reservations since we were not familiar with Mr. Strauss, we were pleased with the mediation.

Richard was extremely well prepared for the mediation and showed sensitivity to the family of the decedent.  He was aware of the issues surrounding the value of the claim of an elderly person, and the painful experience of the adult children.

Issues of law particular to the jurisdiction of the case did not trouble him and he was well prepared to discuss the issues and the impact of the state law on the facts of the case.

Perhaps because of his unique background in the insurance and hospital industries, he was very much aware of the concerns of both the carrier and the plaintiffs and was able to offer suggestions throughout the entire settlement negotiation that were helpful in moving the mediation along to conclusion.

We would recommend Richard Strauss as a mediator in nursing home, adult family home and medical malpractice cases and intend to suggest him as a mediator in future cases as well.

Jane I. Fantel
Carl A. Taylor Lopez